MapSport’s Wombat Forest Trails

Welcome Mountain Bikers

For the Wombat Forest trails visitor  — helpful guides and links to where cyclists and walkers are welcome.

Local or visiting and like to join a ride? Check out Daylesford Bike Riders FB page.

Iconic Trails

Since 1999 we have mountain biked and run most of the 278km of Great Dividing Trails and their glistening partner, The Goldfields Track.

Our experiences, route maps, GPX routes, features, places of interest are now yours in blog postings and other readings. Great trails for a short circuit or biking holiday.

Spa Country Explorer Trail MapsSpa Country Explorer logo

You haven’t seen the likes of these Wombat Forest Adventurer series trails maps with sample routes.

Every public road, vehicle track and walking or mountain bike trail across 110 sq km. Plus contours so that the ups and downs don’t get you down. Repeat 4 times in an arc from Daylesford and you have a ticket to the great walking, running and mtb trails of Wombat Forest!

Plus the Explorer series local trails These are free, downloadable PDFs from

Stay tuned at Spa Country Explorer website.

OCAD & Pretex reseller for Australia

In 2012 OCAD AG of Switzerland appointed MapSport Cartographic as Australia and NZ reseller of its  cartographic products.

In 2012, MapSport Cartographic started import and resale of Pretex durable, water & tear resistant map paper. As at end of 2016, over 105,000 maps printed in Australia on Pretex.

MapSport Cartographic complements the OCAD & Pretex product sales with trail and recreation map services to Victorian local governments and trail managers. Recent projects were trail maps for a Creswick Walk/Bike trail brochure and the Creswick Lindsay Art Trail brochure.

The MapSport Cartographic website is

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