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Dry Diggings – Vaughan Springs bypass

The track S of Vaughan Springs to Italian Track has been permanently closed to mtn bikers. The recommended bypass is via Gurr Track – Italian Track – Porcupine Ridge Rd (from the S). While this is not as interesting as the original route, it avoids conflict and risk on the very narrow track with steep drop off that runs above Vaughan Springs.

Daylesford – Hepburn bypass

Dry Diggings Track between Daylesford and Hepburn has been clsoed to mtbers for some years. It is disappointing to see mtbers ignore the clear signs forbidding mtb. The bypass is designed to showcase Daylesford-Hepburn’s social and history facets. It will run from the Daylesford track start via the Daylesford – Hepburn road cycle path into Hepburn’s Tenth St, through the Mineral Springs reserve (top up with effervescent mineral water) and along to Golden Spring to rejoin the track.The GPX file will be available here soon along with an alternative route.

When Bryce’s Flat reopens, I will publish an energetic informal western bypass via Bald Hill and Bryce’s Flat.

Flood and Storm Damage

Sections of the GDT are closed due to storm and flood damage. Creswick, Daylesford-Hepburn, Vaughan Springs and sections of the Lerderderg Track have been particularly susceptible. Some alternative routes have been established. To avoid disappointment, please check the web site of the GDTA before a long ride. As an example, last week on the Dry Diggings Track between Porcupine Ridge Rd and Italian Track, I encountered 13 newly fallen trees across the track, 3 of which were very difficult to get through or around. These were simple obstructions compared to other damage.

Places that Rock: Dry Diggings Track says MTB Magazine

The December issue of Australian Mountain Bike carried a 2 page spread on the GDTs’ Dry Diggings Track in their Places that Rock feature. The section I mentioned above with the trees across is one of my favourite sections (sans fallen trees) and the writer agrees with “It’s sheer bliss and perhaps the high-point of the entire ride“. Shortly I will post a circuit that incorporates this section of the Dry Diggings Track.

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