Leanganook Track Channel Campsite

Death of a Myth

Riding south on the Leanganook recently we were astonished to see a signpost to the mythical campsite. We had heard Parks VIC were finally going to place signs but had no early expectations given the campsite has been on the Leanganook Track map (near feature 13) from the day dot.

Take note the location on the current GDT map is wrong. The campsite is actually just N of the map location and off the loop that departs the channel – see image below (ignore the dashed Leanganook Track line). The side track into the campsite is fairly indistinct currently but runs fairly straight from the Leanganook Track. This is a no facilities campsite. A choice of bare ground or grass. But welcome for those who need it.

Leanganook Track channel campsite

Leanganook Track channel campsite


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