Cyclic Navigator Rides Again

5th Cyclic Navigator enduro MTB navigation

Cyclic Navigator logo

Yes, the information flow has started on our purpose built, or should that be purposeful, Cyclic Navigator section of this MapSport website.

Prologue mtb navigation

This year there will also be a prologue. And the possibility of some mtb fun and serious events mingling with our mtb navigation events.

The Kiwis are coming

Riding in on the backs of the high performing NZ Breakers, Rob Garden is gathering a troupe of Kiwi mountain bike orienteers looking to use Cyclic navigator as a springboard to a great performance at the Australian mountain bike orienteering champs.

They will be looking to give our competitive entrants a ride for their money. With the exchange rate the way it is, the Kiwis have to work much harder but on past performance they will be in the money.


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