14 Crossing the Ditch

Kiwis fly

Wild flowers

Alarm! Kiwis coming!

14 Kiwis are booked for Cyclic Navigator and the Prologue. Led by the inestimable Rob Garden & Marquita Gelderman, the group begin their Australian mountain bike orienteering tour with our event.

Despite the opinion of the wildflowers at the event centre, the Kiwis are regular and welcome visitors to our major mountain bike orienteering events.

New Zealand Gully

Given the great news above, it is time to announce the name of the map. 100% Pure NZ coincidence. This gully is part of one of the most beautiful gully systems on the map. Right now it is so green you can imagine you are in NZ.

There are also a fair few pine blocks on the map to make the Kiwis feel even more at home.

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