Cyclic Navigator Maps are Waterproof

Pretex used for Cyclic Navigator maps

Pretex is top of the line waterproof used extensively for orienteering in Europe. First used in Cyclic Navigator #4and now a welcome return for organisers and riders.

Pretex testing

Sophisticated Pretex map usage simulator

If you don’t have a mapboard, you will not need a ziplock bag for the map. If you do have a mapboard, even driving rain (not forecast) will not ruin it.

So, one less thing to worry about.

Pretex characteristics for the enquiring mind

Like many synthetics;

  • Pretex will tear in one direction but only if nicked and forced.

Unlike most synthetics;

  • Pretex folds nearly as easily as paper.
  • Pretex does appear to absorb water but it is still eminently usable and readily dries.
  • Pretex is wood fibre as well as synthetics, hence its performance close to paper.
  • Pretex holds digital press toner extremely well.


Map information

Details of the map will be covered in following posts.


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