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Results and Routes

Results are posted on the Eureka Orienteers website.

This evening, I will be transcribing three routes from the big map and posting that here. If anyone else wishes to contribute a route then please do send a GPX file. I may be able to setup an online facility for you to draw in your course.

Thanks for riding and thanks for your roofing donations. A cheque for $130 will be on its way to our landowner later today.

Rider’s favourite spots

Two spots were reported by a number of riders as their favourites en route.They happen to be our two favourite spots on the map. I would also add #63 and #62 as being great spots.

La Franchi’s Hut

One was La Franchis hut (#39). A photo with bluebells can be seen on Pete Walsh’s gallery website. Find Ruralscapes and it is the3rd photo from the left. Pete Walsh by the way rode in the last two Cyclic Navigators on a unicycle! And you thought it was tough on two wheels 🙂

While looking for Pete’s photo I found a comment on the site by a Peter La Franchi  that provides different information to that I had previously read.

Interesting shot of my old family property. Having not seen the hut since the Victorian State Government forcibly terminated the family lease over the property in the mid 1970s I am somewhat surprised it is still standing. Very good photo, but one correction, the hut was not built until around 1880 and was rebuilt in the late 1960s, with this including the fitting of the steel L-beam on the left side of the entry door to stop the west wall collapsing.

The long gully

The other was an unnamed long gully (photo below). This has been my favourite ride since we discovered it in 2002 while course planning for a bike rogaine.

And if you didn’t locate New Zealand Gully on the map, it ‘flows’ from just north of 53 into this gully (west from 60). The building in New Zealand Gully is a working gold mine although we haven’t seen anyone there these last few months.

The long gully

The serene and long gully

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