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Cyclic Navigator Routes and Last Words

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Motor cyclist bike rack

Quad bike. Photo by Joe Sherriff

Second post mortems seem to be the in thing judging by current TV crime stories. So Eurekan Ian Chenell has obliged by setting up Cyclic Navigator RouteGadget for your second post mortem.

Kathy Liley was quick off the mark and I have just added Bruce Paterson / Geoff Hudson and Joe Sherriff. The GPS never lies eh Joe!

New extensive results

Cyclic Navigator

Ian has also greatly improved on the results displayed initially, even adding in each rider/team’s control # sequence. Check them out.


Peter Cusworth has posted Prologue results on the VIC MTBO site as a 1 page PDF.


Ian Chennell and Peter Cusworth snapped away and here is the gallery.

Spot Prize winners

Cup moths

Cup moths like control material too?

Solo prize of the Windchill Sports map board went to Joe Sherriff of New Zealand. Looking at his route, I think Joe needs a big magnifier on the board. Ralph Koch of Windchill Sports delivered a map board to another rider before setting off in the 4 hour but unfortunately had to leave early.

The initial winners of the Kathmandu Adventure Series team prize declined as they are going to be in the real Kathmandu on that day! A redraw gave free entry to the Lysterfield event to  Dean Hemburrow / Tim Robinson.

Silva Clip On 19 compasses, great for map boards, from Orienteering Service of Australia (OSOA) went to;

  • Yett Gelderman
  • Brett Jacobi
  • Toby Cooper
  • Andrew Baker
  • Chris Chetwin


Probably as bent as your routes.


Next time I’ll pick up by bike

Next Cyclic Navigator

I lied. These aren’t the last words. The last words will be yours. Post event, some interesting ideas for Cyclic Navigator were mentioned to us. We would like to explore those so will send out a not too onerous online survey in a week or so.

Please take the opportunity then of having the final word towards a better Cyclic Navigator.

The cast

Eureka logo

Organising club

  • The good cause: Junior mountain bike orienteering development
  • Conductor: Mark Valentine
  • Contralto/course controller: Anitra Dowling
  • Baritone/course designer: Ken Dowling
  • Backstage: MC and $$$ Blake Gordon, Curtain/Timing Ian Chenell, Scenery/map Anitra, Ken, Andrew Slattery, 1st aid BJ!
  • Roadies: Mary Enter and Anitra
  • Props: Geoff & Jenny Lawford, Dale Ann Gordon
  • Chorus: you and many others
  • Front row: Orienteering Victoria, MapSport Cartographic, Windchill Sports, OSOA, MaxAdventure, DSE, Parks Victoria, Hancock Victorian Plantations.
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