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A Long Weekend Mapping for Cyclic Navigator

Wednesday 16:07

Roadside spring bush  flowers

Roadside spring bush flowers

Have just exited a new and strategic track that I surmised was there from earlier work. Thus a highly satisfying end to  4 days of field work.

At right, the flash of colours in the sun as I drove out, marked a beautiful day to end a long weekend that started Saturday with thick snow — fortunately not enough to settle.


While you might have been watching the footy Saturday or Sunday depending on code, Andrew Slattery, Anitra and I dodged squalls, fortunately without getting a soaking.

Anitra found sheep and lambs in the bush, I discovered a likely control site and Andrew tested the mettle of his Landrover on a few steep pitches at map’s edge.


Andrew again took the difficult segments uncomplainingly while we hoofed it around our pieces of the jigsaw.

Track surfaces surprisingly firm given the recent rain. Using Garmin etrex in hand with Holux M1200e pinned to my cap for maximum satellite exposure.(Similarly the Holux is in the sun roof space when used in the Tribute).


Another mining claim notice

Small mining claims spot the northern half

Anitra trains back to work, Andrew heads off to a new map area and I drive first to Creswick to put up Cyclic Navigator promotional banners at town entrances. Then its on to Ballarat to get the SportIdent and other course planning gear from Blake at the Eureka clubrooms before heading back to the event area.

Mopped up various field work items then home to catch up on OCAD cartography. A rule of thumb is 1 hour on OCAD for every hour in the field so nights are long on a weekend like this.


Nervously watch a tree feller fella and his trainee drop a 37m eucalypt that had been leaning toward the house. The trainee couldn’t wind in the guide cable fast enough so the tree whumped across the garden fence. But no plants were sacrificed and they resurrected the netting fence after cutting enough firewood rounds for half of winter 2014.

Into the field to check out tracks near logging. But regular semi-trailers on both forest roads I need to use has me calling it a day once those blocks are done. Back home in time to farewell Andrew starting the long drive to Adelaide.


Start with a coffee at StMel Cyclery Cafe followed by a chat with The Advocate journalist re event coverage. A gorgeous day so use the bike for some tracks. The rest is history per the lead-in above.

Now the course planning starts and we will identify any mapping gaps during that phase. Entries are steadily rolling in which makes the effort worthwhile. We hope you think so too.

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