The Cyclic Navigator Map


The map is 450mm tall x 320mm wide (SRA3). Digital print on Pretex waterproof 120gsm. There will be a legend and safety information such as emergency telephone numbers. Telstra coverage is available on most spurs. Optus has Daylesford coverage but I don’t know its reach.

Scale is 1:30,000 and contour interval is 10m. 1km grid aligned to magnetic north. Plus legend, safety info and the usual chroming (given the very real political sensibilities this week, I chose not to use the term  ‘tarting up’ but I’m not sure the connotation of ‘chroming’ is any better).

Track representation will be in a following post.

Out-of-bounds (OOB)

Private property and other out-of-bounds such as active logging areas will be overlaid in pink. Generally fences are not shown as they are often inexact. Therefore do not depend on a fence to be marking any OOB area. Due to safety considerations and property owner relationships, any intrusion into an OOB area will result in disqualification. Roads and tracks that edge or fully traverse an OOB area are OK to ride. Any other road or track within an OOB area is forbidden.

Control (checkpoint) markings

Fragment of a Cyclic Navigator map

Fragment of a Cyclic Navigator map

Control are marked by a magenta or purple circle with a central dot showing the exact position within the circle. The start/finish is marked by a magenta or purple triangle.

The first number beside a circle is the control code. This will match the code on the control plate at the site. Handy also if you are lost and come across a control :-). The second number is the points value of the control. Strategically you should be aiming to maximise points rather than the sheer number of controls visited.

Most controls are rated according to their difficulty (distance, terrain). But to cater for cruising riders, some high pointers are relatively close to the event centre.

Water points

There are three strategically placed controls that have a jerry can or two of water to refill your bottle. These are additionally marked with a blue W on the map.

Sag wagon route

The map has a route, highlighted by blue edge, along which a vehicle will patrol every 1 to 2 hours. If you or your bike has a breakdown then you can choose to make your way to that route and await pick up or consolation. The vehicle will be marked by an orange and white orienteering control flag — sadly, no points for it.


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