Burnt Stable Event Very Different to 2007 Batson Still

Batson Still riders unlikely to find much familiar

Apart from controls around the town, all have now been tagged. It has been interesting traversing the track network so different from pre 2009 bush fires. A number of then poor condition tracks are now smoother and faster while vegetation regrowth has claimed others.

Sight seeing

Lake Wombat

Lake Wombat view

If you are out for pleasure rather than glory, then some controls and legs will appeal to you.Today we tagged a control in an area where wildflowers abound. Drove and walked a leg which gives good views of Lake Wombat. Rail enthusiasts get a double dose.

Caffeine addicts can take a hit at one of the few reliably top notch espresso joints in town. How about a leg where movement on the skyline ahead catches your eye and you wonder what on earth it can be – then a giant wind turbine slowly takes shape as you tackle a rise. There is of course the obligatory mineral spring on what will likely be your first or last leg.

Bring a friend

A steep pitch

3 contours 1mm apart at 1:30,000 = walk for most of us

Burnt Stable area is ideal for mountain bikers who want to try mtb navigation. Overall gradients are easy to moderate with just a few short steep pitches if you choose to go that way. How do you recognise a steep pitch? If contour lines are just 1mm apart then you will be walking unless you are a top mtber.

Late entry prices start Thursday

Get your entries in now to avoid the $10 late entry fee. Your custom maps are then printed on water resistant Pretex.

Don’t forget that non-orieteers will find it easier to enter at ocad.com.au


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