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Cyclic Navigator Done & Dusted

The wrap

Results and my musing can be found on the VIC mountain bike orienteering website.

Photo gallery is on the Picturesque Day in this blog.

And routes can be viewed and added by selecting bi-Cyclic Navigator on VIC MTBO Route Gadget.

Route Gadget

Route Gadget sample

Route Gadget sample

For riders not familiar with Route Gadget, it provides a means of displaying rider routes on the course map. Often very instructive!

First, click Help at upper right to read the very (too?) brief guide to use.

Viewing other’s routes

To look at other’s routes, in the right hand panel, select a course/class. Then if there are any routes for that course/class, their name will show. You can select up to 10 names to display their route. Select and unselect by clicking a name.

Add your route

Adding your route via GPS track is not for occasional users.

Adding your route ‘manually’ is fairly straightforward. In the right hand panel at the top, tick Draw your route, select your course/class, add your name, make any comment you wish. Just to the left of that panel will be a field to enter your elapsed time in the format shown.

  • To zoom the map area, use the Zoom +/- at right side of window.
  • To move the map, right click and hold then move.

To draw your route click at the start (triangle) move the mouse to the next visible bend or corner in your route and click again. A red line will appear over that segment. And so you continue. Clearing a mistake is just a matter of pressing Undo button at top of right panel.

Spot prizes

Our spot prizes were nearly 100% locally sourced.

  • The very popular JCBee honey came from my local Glenlyon apiary. Available from Glenlyon General Store.
  • The herbal, spice and fruit soaps were bought at the Guildford market.
  • Similarly the chocolate truffles produced by Guildford Primary.

The volunteers



There was a raft of volunteers behind the scenes. Most are acknowledged on the main Cyclic Navigator web page. Special thanks to Blake Gordon from Ballarat who didn’t even get a ride, Kathy Liley who rode then efficiently handled your results slips and Peter Cusworth for bringing in some controls while helping Carolyn Jackson search for Joyce’s car keys on the course. And Anitra who made me toe the line and prevented not a few errors of mine in developing the course. Map errors are mine alone.



The riders

Thanks for coming and making it so worthwhile for us as well as yourselves.

Coming up, a classic Cyclic Navigator, 6 hours or 4 late 2014. If you would rather see a 3 hour than 4 hour shorter course then let us know.



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