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The map

The full colour map is now SRA3 printed size (450x320mm) but can be cut down to roughly A3 size (bring scissors). The scale is now 1:25,000. A reminder that it is printed on splash, sweat and tear resistant Pretex so you shouldn’t need a map case.

Control (check point) descriptions

Control descriptions

Control descriptions

These are printed separately also on Pretex. There are pictorial descriptions for orienteers and textual for non-orienteers. For the benefit of non-orienteers, at right is an example of textual descriptions. On your map the control code and points look like 54   (60). Some explanations follow;

  • column 1 is the points
  • column 2 is the control code
  • A track is a 4WD track
  • A path is a narrow track or a 4WD track that is no longer used by vehicles
  • A junction is where two line features (e.g. 2 tracks or a track and a waterourse) meet.
  • A clearing is a rideable open space indicated by bright yellow on the map
  • A ruin is a ruined building, usually small.
  • Path, bend means the control is at a bend (which shows on the map) on a path.
  • Path watercourse crossing means the control is where a watercourse crosses a path.
  • Watercourse is not usually a running stream. It simply indicates a more significant gully
  • Re-entrant (not shown here) is simply a gully. I apologise for leaving in this technical term.

On the day info

Download on the day info 1 page PDF Event venue info

Safety briefing

You must attend this briefing. Unlike most briefings, it is brief 😉 It will cover specific hazards that are not mentioned in the info sheet. You may ask questions at the briefing but preferably you will ask earlier at registration.


We aren’t holding a formal tutorial this year but if you would like some tuition, please ask at registration. If an organiser is free they will help you.


As part of our event review, especially as this is the first mini-Cyclic Navigator, in the weeks following you may be asked to complete a brief survey. The word brief in conjunction with survey is usually :-))

But, you can respond to our survey with just one click. If you want to comment further you may do that. So please do take the time for a genuinely minimal survey.

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