Improved signposts on Great Dividing Trails

I spent a highly enjoyable morning mapping tracks S of Jubilee Lake, Daylesford today. The weather was perfect, the tracks in good condition. Some single tracks are now full width due to fire fighting 2 years ago and a few have rampant growth. I really didn't want to leave. Seeing GDT signage reminded me about […]

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Woodhill MTB Park

Not only something completely different but only 2,750 km away is this mtb park 45 minutes NW of Auckland city. I took a morning out of my stay to visit it and am so glad I did. I love Wombat Forest trails but I also loved this completely different style. Lets get the only negative […]

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The best mtb season in Wombat Forest – spring

What a beautiful day on my favourite section of the Dry Diggings Track – NE from Porcupine Ridge Rd. Note at left the new yellow topped  Goldfields Track signs – easier to see when riding and there appears to be more of these along the route to provide reassurance.  The track is in geat condition […]

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