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Cyclic Navigator Rides Again

5th Cyclic Navigator enduro MTB navigation Yes, the information flow has started on our purpose built, or should that be purposeful, Cyclic Navigator section of this MapSport website. Prologue mtb navigation This year there will also be a prologue. And the possibility of some mtb fun and serious events mingling with our mtb navigation events. […]

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Leanganook Tk: Coliban Main Channel to Castlemaine

Signage issues Some VicRoads blue signs, between Coliban Main Channel S end and Specimen Gully Rd, are missing or incorrectly placed for riders heading towards Castlemaine. Coming off Leanganook, at the bottom of the tarmac plunge, the sign into Quarry Rd is simply not visible unless you know exactly where to look. There are some […]

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Leanganook Track Channel Campsite

Death of a Myth Riding south on the Leanganook recently we were astonished to see a signpost to the mythical campsite. We had heard Parks VIC were finally going to place signs but had no early expectations given the campsite has been on the Leanganook Track map (near feature 13) from the day dot. Take […]

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