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Two Lakes, Two Dams, One Spring

Daylesford, Jubilee, Specimen Hill & Wombat (a.k.a. Lurking on the Lerderderg) IMBA Blue Circuit An IMBA Blue circuit taking in Jubilee Lake, Specimen Hill Dam and Lake Wombat with an optional start/finish out and back between Lake Daylesford and Jubilee Lake. Traverses part of the Great Dividing Trails’ Lerderderg Track not to mention tracks named […]

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Up Spout and Down Badger

This circuit has been a private favourite for 11 years. To announce the forthcoming summer release of the Daylesford area trail maps, it is now yours also. It will feature on one of those maps. A 6km circuit recreational ride or hill training completely within forest and featuring a 2km downhill. Start/finish at the eponymous […]

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Aotearoa : what we found across the ditch

I like our Great Dividing Trails (GDT) equally as well as the rides described above. They are very different experiences because of the topography and environment. e.g. eucalypt forests here, pine and beech in NZ or open high country. So if you go to NZ on biz or holiday, take the opportunity to do some […]

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