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Safeguarding that $60 SportIdent Stick

New to mountain bike orienteering (MTBO)? Read on… Losing a SportIdent (SI) stick is not uncommon for riders new to MTBO. What seems secure turns out to be not so in the heat of battle. So here are two tips. SI stick on your finger Cheapest but less secure in my opinion. Plus some riders […]

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Cyclic Navigator Track Designations

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Now Here’s a Cyclic Navigator Legend…

…For a whole day! Mostly self explanatory apart from track descriptors. But first up… …OOB or Out of Bounds OOB is either private property or an active logging area. If you enter OOB and aren’t crushed by the logerator, you’ll certainly be crushed to learn that all your points are docked. You may ride through […]

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