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bi-Cyclic Navigator, Monday 10 June 2013

Event results

The event results are on the Victorian Mountain Bike Orienteering web site along with a write-up.

A photo gallery is on the trails blog section of this MapSport web site.

Queen’s Birthday MondayCyclic Navigator logo

Complementing the now biennial Cyclic Navigator is bi-Cyclic Navigator in the alternate years. bi-Cyclic Navigator is a mini version with half the time, half the map area but just as much fun.

Plus the usual Cyclic Navigator features of fast results, cakes afterwards, local spot prizes,  easy to read water and tear resistant map.

Cyclic Navigator 2007

2007 Cold, wet but no way miserable

Remember the option of travelling between controls by train in 2008? This time, for those just out for a cruise, we have a control at one or two of Daylesford’s top notch coffee shops.

In addition to the control points, if you while away a few minutes to have a coffee, hot choc or tea, we compensate your time by 10 points.

Prior events

You can read about the 2012 event from this blog archive. Posts are in reverse time sequence.

Some useful posts are;

Are you an Orienteer?

You get spoilt with an unexpected 3-Days event.

Make a long weekend of it with the Tarrengower foot orienteering on the Saturday and Newstead on the Sunday.

If you have a rellie or friend who has expressed interest in doing something novel in the way of mountain biking, then 3 hours or 90 minutes is a great introduction for them.

Not an orienteer?

Wanted to try a different form of mountain biking? This is for you.

Ease yourself into 3 hours or 90 minutes of well tracked forest close to civilisation. You can choose to ride the easier trails and even select some checkpoints around the streets of Daylesford including a top notch coffee shop or two. 90 minutes seem a long time? It will fly by, believe me.

Photo gallery of 4th Cyclic Navigator.


2008 post mortem

2008 event post mortem Jubilee Lake

If you are in the area for the long weekend or just overnight, cabins are currently available at the very pleasant reasonably priced event HQ, Jubilee Lake Holiday Park.  Powered and unpowered sites too. Plenty of other activities at Jubilee Lake and of course in nearby Daylesford and Hepburn Village.

Another bike friendly accommodation which is also pet friendly, is The Hide @ Mt Franklin.

And don’t forget the quieter Hepburn Village if seeking other accommodation.

Event basics

Venue: Jubilee Lake Holiday Park oval.

Start time: There will be a mass start at 11am/1100

Entry online: Eventor will be open this evening. Online entry for non-orienteers will be open shortly.

Entry Fees:

  • $25 seniors
  • $15 juniors (20 years and under)
  • After Monday 3rd June add $10 late fee – highest quality map might not be available
  • After noon Friday 7th June entries are closed
  • Entry on the day at late rates only if maps available.

Enter as: Solo entries only but you are welcome to ride with others. Class of entry is female or male within junior, senior, veteran age groups.

Age groups

st.mel Cyclery & Cafe

st.mel Cyclery & Cafe

Age is based on your age as at the end of December this year.

Junior: 16 – 20 inclusive.

Open: 21 – 49 inclusive

Veteran: 50 and over

A 12-15 year old may take part if riding with a partner 16+ years of age.

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The Events

3 hour Mini Classic

Navigator preparing to rdie

Mapboard mounted for easy map reading

All warmed up, start at 1100 (11am) with have 3 hours to lose yourself amongst fragrant eucalypts and occasional spicy pines. Mainly rolling but some steeper avoidable terrain.

Back by 1400 (2pm) or quickly lose many of your hard earned points.

Warning 3 hours of navigation choice can be hazardous to friendships and connubial bliss.

90 minute Adventure

Also starting at 1100 but time to sleep in or have a hearty breakfast at one of Daylesford’s cafes or bakeries. If you want to eschew bacon and eggs then you could head for healthy food and great coffee/tea at St.Mel Cyclery cafe, open 0830.

Then its back by 1230 (12.30pm) in time to warm down and relax before cheering in friends and lovers in the 3 hour event.

And so to some light food and plenty of post mortems.

Into the unknown

Fragment of a Cyclic Navigator map

Fragment of a Cyclic Navigator map

Registration opens at 0930. When checked off, you get your map specially produced for the event. It has most roads and tracks marked. Scale is 1:30,000 and contour interval is 10m. The map, slightly larger than A4, is printed on waterproof, foldable Pretex.

There are 30 or so controls (checkpoints) marked on the map (see example to right) with an identifying number. That number is also on the control marker in the forest — a useful relocation tool if you are temporarily misplaced.

The smaller number in italics is the point value of that control. Points vary according to difficulty, scenic value or the whim of the course planner. You select which controls and their sequence.

Ride up to a control — no bush bashing needed. At each control is an orange and white marker with a SportIdent (SI) unit attached or close by. You insert your SI stick into the unit, wait momentarily for the red flash and/or beep and off you go to your next control.

Your mission is to gather as many points as possible within the allotted time. This is where the balance of brain and brawn comes into play.

The temptation to get that one last control on the way back is always very strong. But if you miscalculate and are late back, you lose 10 points for each minute or part thereof that you are late. From 30 minutes late you lose all points — this incentive is to avoid having to arrange a search party.

Tip: taking time to plan your route to maximise points does pay dividends.

Tip: register early at the event centre. You get your map when you register so you gain invaluable route planning time.

A previous navigator lamented to me, “I should have turned up early – I could have done with that extra planning time“.

Special equipment

Unicyclist Cyclic Navigator 2009

No place for a mapboard is the least of his worries. Peter in Cyclic Navigator 2008, 2009.

As many do, you can get away with no special equipment at all, apart from a SportIdent stick. But if you want some extra points, there are some aids to be had.

What to do with the map is the main issue. A map board attached to the handle bars is the ultimate solution. Windchill and Miry are two popular brands in use. The Silva clip on 19 compass is perfect for a map board.

You do need to securely retain the SI stick to avoid losing points and that fat $60 loss fee. One option is to tie to the stick a double loop of thin (hat) elastic that goes onto your wrist to ensure it doesn’t come adrift.

Even better is to buy one of those pull out elastic gizmos (zingers we call them) that in your humdrum working life slip onto your belt with your company key card attached. Instead, zip tie that device to your handle bar stem and zip tie the SI stick to the end of the elastic. Not only is that easy to use, you minimise the risk of breaking the SI stick in a fall.

The cast

Eureka logo

Organising club

  • The good cause: Eureka Orienteers’ Junior Orienteer Development fund.
  • Conductor: Mark Valentine
  • Contralto/course controller: Anitra Dowling
  • Baritone/course designer: Ken Dowling
  • Backstage: MC and $$$ Blake Gordon, Curtain/Timing Ian Chenell, Scenery/map Anitra, Ken, Peter Cusworth
  • Roadies: Mary Enter and …
  • Chorus: you and many others
  • Front row: Eureka Orienteers, MapSport Cartographic

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