Cyclists Welcome

Where MTBers are welcome in this region

I recently proposed a Cyclists Welcome project. If this kicks off, then regional services including accommodation, food and other services will be surveyed. Successful establishments will be given the tick of approval. This tick will be displayed at those places, on their websites and of course right here.

In the meantime, here is information on facilities and services relating to use of our trails. General mountain biking topics are not covered unless essential to trail use such as safety.

Mountain  Biking Trails, Maps & Facilities in & near Hepburnshire is a 2 page PDF (633KB) on mountain biker facilities in Hepburn Shire plus gateways Castlemaine and Woodend.

Daylesford area



The Bike Vault and Cycle Concepts.


A number of bike shops servicing mountain bikers. Closest to the railway station is Moronis Bikes, 104 Mitchell St, 2 blocks towards the city centre.


A number of bike shops servicing mountain bikers. Closest to Railway Station is Bicycle Centre Ballarat 300m away in Armstrong St. Gove Cycles, Specialized dealer, is open weekends along with its Bikerack Cafe. 524 Doveton St, just over a km NNW of the station.


Woodend Cycles handily located opposite the station and next to a good cafe.


VLine bike logo

VLocity bike space

VLine trains carry bikes free. on VLocity trains, the doors with the symbol at right indicate bike spaces inside. On diesel locomotive trains, go to the guard’s van. VLine buses do not carry bikes.

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